Robots Without Borders

Educational, Medical, and Humanitarian
Artificial Intelligence

Our Purpose

Our Purpose:

We are passionate about developing artificial intelligence (AI) applications in education, medical assistance and humanitarian aid to benefit all mankind.

We focus on this Purpose and realize that humans, including ourselves, are imperfectly perfect.

Our Culture:

 For the best interest of the non-profit, we do our best to

  • have Compassion and Empathy for the World at large
  • positively Impact Humans and Humanity Around the Globe
  • be Inclusive, Innovative and User Friendly. 

Our Volunteers:

We can only have a positive impact on people's lives by creating Volunteers who share this Purpose and Culture.

  • LuisDirector/Developer
  • MichelleDirector
  • BenjaminDirector
  • IklilHead of Time
  • JoshHead of Memes
  • EtienneHead of Money
  • DavidEducation/Head of Speed
  • BijoyHead of International Relations
  • RonnieHead of Video
  • AleMemes 
  • BrandonTaxes
  • OmarEducation
  • KateEducation
  • SteveDeveloper
  • DheerthanDeveloper
  • NathanielDeveloper
  • MahakantDeveloper